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FastRequestText (copy/paste): When+time? What? Where start? How many bikes? Name+bodyheight? Finish-date+time?

Help: What: MTB, Cross, Trekking ++ Where to start: Your home, mainstation, Korntal station (up from 0,-EUR).

SMS, Signal: 0049-1715768532


We recommend requesting at least 2 days in advance.

A deposit is required.


Our prices:

MTB always 15.00€ more (+15.00€)

trekking/cross reduced*
24 hours18.00€14.00€
3 days37.00€27.00€
week (7 days)59.00€44.00€
childrenseat + helmet7.00€

Plus delivery costs | * schoolchildren and students with student identity card

Ask for rent a bike group rates








book your bikes here:

mobile: 0049 (0) 171 576 85 32
phone: 0049 (0)711 420 70 833

Stuttgart offers more!

The city of Stuttgart with its unique valley basin location offers a wealth of cultural opportunities within a short distance of each other: Museums, exhibitions, theatres, bars, mineral baths, parks, "Biergarten"...

convenient to explore by bike, avoiding car park stress and wasting no time on waiting. Rent a bike offers you bikes to explore the city.

enjoy your stay with our bikes

Our Services:



Group rental 
We plan tours, deliver bikes and guide/accompany the group
- perfect for a company tour -

Tour planning 
We suggest a tour plan
and organise group tours down to the last detail. 

We take your bike to the starting point of your tour
and pick it up at your destination. 

We accompany group tours
and show you places of interest on route. 

We are happy to answer your questions - don't hesitate to ask us!



starting from the mainstation (Hauptbahnhof):

Schloß Rosenstein
(Museum of Natural Science)
3.5 km; slopy, through the park

Wilhelma (Zoo)
4 km, slightly slopy, through the park

Staatsgalerie(State Gallery)
0,5 km, flat, through the park, past the Staatstheater (State Theatre)

Stuttgart - Max-Eyth-See - Marbach

Café am See (cafe at the lake)
1 km, flat, in the city park

Stadtpark (city park)
0-6 km, mainly flat with slight inclinations

Marienplatz (rack railway to the television tower)
5 km, flat, through the park and city streets

City centre (cafes, exhibitions, museums)
0-3 km, flat

Bike maps are available.



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rent a bike

bicycle rental 
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Tel: 0049 (0)711 420 70 833
Mobil: 0049 (0) 171 576 85 32

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